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About PVI

We are redefining what it means to be a senior in society. Our mission is to empower older individuals to lead independent lives, engage with their communities, and continue to get the most out of life. Through care and connection, we help seniors remain vibrant while lightening the load for their caregivers. Whether it’s through home meal delivery, fun events, wellness services, and more, we’re committed to enhancing the quality of life for older generations.

Mission and Vision

We enable seniors to age in place.

People need people. No one is meant to go through life without support, yet that’s what happens all too often as people reach their older years. Our vision is a world where seniors can draw from a wide support network for a variety of their needs. That’s why we offer a range of life-affirming activities and essential services such as social events, rideshare services, affordable housing and much more. 

PVI's Core Values:

We treat everyone with warmth, empathy, sensitivity, and heartfelt sincerity.

We treat everyone equally with dignity and kindness and recognize individual differences and professional boundaries.

We have faith in our teammates and depend upon each other with confidence that we will all act with integrity. 

We align our emotions, our skills, and our actions to create the best outcomes for our clients and our teammates.

We are devoted to PVI’s goals, for the betterment of our clients, the development of our teammates, and our growing organization.

Who We Serve

We serve seniors with a variety of backgrounds, circumstances, and needs. Some are recovering from hospitalization, have disabilities, or are living with age-related illness such as Alzheimer’s. Some live below the federal poverty levels. Others are simply facing the challenges of aging. They need support, connection, and opportunities to engage with life and other people in meaningful, enjoyable, and life-affirming ways.

Our History

We come from a long-line of progressive, forward-thinking folks committed to community welfare. In 1947, our founder Beth Kuechler rallied a group of passionate women to create Peninsula Vounteers. Their first project was Stanford Day Care Nursery, in cooperation with Stanford University, which exists to this day. PVs then shifted towards education, creating scholarship programs for a variety of universities until 1981. Now, PVI is committed senior care and is home to 300 members.

History of PVI - Woman Dancing on Stage in the 70's

Littlie House History
In 1949, PVI established Little House Senior Center in Menlo Park – the first suburban senior center in the United States – with 7 members in what was indeed a little house.  The center moved to its present home in Nealon Park in 1954 and was the first senior activity center in the US to have a building specifically designed for the over-50 age group.  Now known as Little House, The Roslyn G. Morris Activity Center, continues to foster community spirit and socialization.

Senior Housing History
In 1960, the City of Menlo Park granted PVI’s petition for the rezoning of land at 817 Partridge Avenue for retirement living units – the first such zoning in America.  The Housing and Home Finance Agency (HHFA; predecessor to HUD) then granted a loan of $280,000 for the construction of 30 apartments known as Partridge-Kennedy.  This was the second such loan made by HHFA but the first new construction under such a loan. Partridge-Kennedy was followed in 1981 with the building of Crane Place, 93 additional units of affordable senior housing conveniently located near downtown Menlo Park and again supported by a HUD loan and the creation of Peninsula Volunteer Properties to manage both units efficiently and with the needs of seniors in mind. Today Peninsula Volunteer Properties (PVP) provides 58% of the affordable senior housing in Menlo Park.

“Your leadership in sponsoring retirement housing is an example for all the nation.
The start you have made will soon be followed by similar projects like yours.”

President John F. Kennedy, 1961

Meals on Wheels

In 1977, Peninsula Volunteers initiated delivery of Meals on Wheels to qualifying Mid-Peninsula seniors under the aegis of the Older Americans Act of 1965.  Our service area has expanded significantly over the years and today we serve over 3,000 meals a week in cities throughout San Mateo County.  Continuing cutbacks in governmental support have increased the need for PVI fundraising to cover funding shortfalls in this program.

Rosener House Ribbon Cutting

Since 1977, Rosener House has been providing respite and peace of mind to families of older adults with memory impairment and other limitations, while allowing their loved ones to remain in their homes. Originally located in a small house on Amherst Avenue in Menlo Park, Rosener House moved in 1980 to the former Fremont School.  Twenty years – and a major earthquake later – the City of Menlo Park gave Peninsula Volunteers the go-ahead to plan for a new facility on the same site.  The current Rosener House, licensed by the State of California, opened in 2001 following a major capital campaign to build the first state-of-the art, purpose-built licensed day services facility in Menlo Park.

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