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Nutrition Services

PVI Nutrition Services encompasses multiple programs that provide nutritious food to the community. We offer delivered meals, weekly grocery pickup, and in person lunch in our cafe.

Man and woman standing beside each other with MOW

Meals on Wheels

Every week, we deliver over 3,000, healthy meals to primarily homebound seniors and disabled people in San Mateo County who are unable to cook and shop for themselves. In providing this meal delivery service, we help make it possible for recipients to live independently.

Got Groceries

PVI’s “Got Groceries?” program has emerged as a critical source of weekly support for individuals and families struggling to stay afloat and facing food insecurity. Each Wednesday, families pick up a full bag of groceries, packed with an array of essential items, from fruits and vegetables to fresh perishables, protein-rich options, and wholesome breads.

Little House Cafe

PVI’s  Little House is thrilled to reopen the Little House Café for in-person dining. After a period of closure, PVI is resuming the cherished tradition of bringing the community together through nutritious meals and social interaction. Little House Café will offers a delectable menu of freshly prepared nutritious and balanced meals for just $5.00.