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Transportation To and From Rosener House


Senior Transportation Rosener HouseWhile many Rosener House participants are brought to the program by family or friends, direct, door-to-door paratransit services are available to residents of San Mateo or Santa Clara counties. Paratransit service is provided under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) to individuals who, due to a functional disability, are not able to use the regular bus service. Paratransit services are affordable and secure shared rides.

Paratransit drivers have special training to work safely with individuals with disabilities. Lifts are available for wheelchairs and for those riders who have difficulties with stairs. Rosener House staff walks with participants to and from the vehicle assuring safe entry to the program.

Paratransit services are computerized and the individual using them does not need to handle ID or money. The driver will only follow the instructions as provided by families for pick up and drop off locations.


San Mateo County

Rosener House works closely with RediWheels to provide transportation for San Mateo County residents. Once the participant is eligible for RediWheels, Rosener House schedules the rides. These are group rides with people from the same geographic area riding the bus together to get to and from Rosener House, generally 4-8 participants. Wheelchairs and walkers can be accommodated.

RediWheels is the paratransit service operating in San Mateo County through SamTrans. Individuals who will attend Rosener House and will use RediWheels must first be evaluated for eligibility. Rosener House will help throughout this process.

The eligibility assessment interview is done in-person. Call 650-366-4856 to schedule an in-person Transit Evaluation. You will be asked if you need transportation to the interview. You may bring a friend or relative with you for assistance.

At the Transit Evaluation, you will be asked

  • For a form of identification with your pictures on it, such as a California ID or driver’s license, passport, or other official government documents. If you have any written information that you would like to include in support of your application (optional)
  • Bring the mobility device, such as a cane, walker, or wheelchair that you normally use, and
  • To participate in a transit evaluation by a trained Transit Evaluator

After the assessment, a determination will be made within 21 days. Learn More at the SamTrans Website or call the SamTrans Accessibility office at 650-508-6241.

Santa Clara County

Paratransit service in Santa Clara County is run by VTA and known as VTA ACCESS. VTA’s paratransit provides service through contractors. VTA ACCESS Paratransit determines whether customers are eligible for paratransit services. Customers call directly to VTA ACCESS Paratransit scheduling staff to schedule trips that are assigned to contracted sedan, accessible van, and taxi companies.

The paratransit eligibility application process begins with an informational brochure from VTA ACCESS Paratransit: (408) 321-2300 / (408) 321-2330 (TTY)

The paratransit information brochure contains a one-page application to complete and sign. Applicants are asked to submit the signed one-page application by mail to VTA Eligibility Department and then participate in a phone interview.

Once eligibility is determined, an initial deposit of about $25.00 is recommended but not required. You may start the service with a zero balance.

Rosener House does not schedule VTA ACCESS rides, this must be done by the rider or caregiver. VTA ACCESS Paratransit will deduct the appropriate fare from customer accounts as each trip is taken. Rosener House social work staff will provide more information