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Technology Enrichment

We will help you become comfortable using computers, smart phones, or tablets so that you can access resources that are increasingly only available online; stay connected with friends and family on sites like Facebook; and use new technologies to sustain your independence.

Female Senior Smiling While Using Her Smartphohe

Technology Classes

Here at Little House we offer a variety of Technology classes for students who are new to computing and those who could use a few tips.  Our small class sizes range from three to six students so that everyone gets a chance to ask questions.  And our classes are affordable for seniors on a tight budget. We offer classes on a variety of topics including tablets, smart phones, PCs, and Macs.  All of our teachers are patient and take the time to explain every step of the process. We make technology fun while we teach an otherwise intimidating subject.

Female Senior tutoring male senior how to use computer

Tech Tutoring

If you are interested in one-on-one help with tech, we have volunteer tech tutoring available.  Our volunteers are trained to help you with phones, tablets, computers, and more!  Our patient, knowledgeable tutors will work with you step-by-step so that you can build your confidence and learn to overcome fears. Our tutors are available when you are!  With morning, afternoon, and evening appointments five days a week, we can fit the busiest schedules. Tutors are available for general computer questions or specific queries about all kinds of devices.

Call 650-326-2025 to make an appointment!

Mouse on desk with open space computer lab in the backround

Open Tech Lab

Our newly renovated computer lab is available for a variety of tech programming.  We have Apple Computers and PCs available five days a week.  The lab is open throughout the day so it is available when you are.  We also have a classroom for a variety of tech classes or a quiet space for one-on-one tutoring sessions.