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Brain Games

Stimulating the Brain

Welcome to Rosener House’s Brain Games. A place to find some entertaining and engaging ways to stimulate our most important organ! Brain teasers, trivia, logic games, puzzles, word problems, and much much more!

Rhyming Riddles

Get that brain thinking with some rhyming riddles!


Some brainteaser riddles! I wonder who can get them all correct?

Opposite Game
Josh brings us a brain game dealing with opposites!
Picture a Word
Kris brings us a word game based on combining pictures!
Jeopardy 1
Time to play some Jeopardy! Let us see what you know!
Jeopardy 2
Part 2 of our Jeopardy game!
30 Questions Trivia

Josh teases our brains with some trivia!

Take some time off to play some Jeopardy!
True of False

A true or false game brought to you by Josh.

Try your hand at some trivia!
Josh brings us some riddle to confound and make you think!
Guess the location!
A fun game with Josh to guess a location based on the hints!
20 Questions
20 different random trivia questions. How many can you answer correctly?
Academy Awards Trivia
A series of trivia questions about the Academy Awards!
September Trivia
How much do you know about the month of September?
Miscellaneous Trivia
More random questions for you to answer!
Trivia Trivia Trivia
What else can I say? Josh is back again with some more trivia!
August Facts
Some interesting facts about August!
Random Trivia!
Some more random trivia questions from Josh!
What am I? #2
Another video in Josh’s What Am I? series. Try and see if you know what object the video is hinting at!
Weird/Interesting Trivia
Some interesting and unique trivia questions.
Fun Trivia
Trivia about gardening, actors/actresses, medical things, and more!
What am I? #1
Another video in Josh’s What Am I? series. Try and see if you know what object the video is hinting at!
Who am I? #2
A video guessing game to see if you know who the questions are about!
Trivia about everything!
Trivia about Greece, plants, animals, and much more!
Who am I? #1
A video guessing game to see if you know who the questions are about!
Tongue Twisters
How many can you say with me? A sheet with the tongue twister text is in the resource tab!
Cooking Trivia
Trivia about cooking!
Did You Know?
How many of these facts do you know?
More random trivia!
All different types of trivia!
Pub Trivia

Trivia you may find at a pub/bar.

American History Trivia

How well do you know you American History?

BBQ Trivia

How much do you know about BBQ?

Cartoon and Comic Trivia
Trivia about cartoons and comics.
Fun June Facts

Some fun interesting facts about the month of June!

Learn about June

Some fun facts and interesting info about the month of June.

Animal Trivia
Some animal based trivia to keep you on your toes! Or maybe I should say paws!
Food Trivia

Some trivia about one of our favorite things, food!

More Riddles
More riddles to tease your brain!
Word Scramble

Can you unscramble these words? What do they say?

1960s Trivia, pt 2

How well do you know the 1960s?

1950s Trivia, pt 2
More trivia relating to the 1950s!
May Day

Some May Day trivia for you!


Some fun trivia to tease those brains.

Word Games

Word games to keep the mind active.

More Trivia

More trivia questions to work those brain muscles.

This month in history... (May)

Special days that fell in the month of May throughout history.

Word Scrambles!

Try your hand at some word based puzzles.

Riddle me this...

How well do you know riddles?

Rebus Puzzle

A picture based puzzle.

State Capitols

How well do you know the state capitols?

50s Trivia

Try your hand at some 50s trivia with Josh!

60s Trivia

How about some 60s trivia?

Word Games

Get that brain working overtime with some word games.

Brain Games with Shanah (from April 6)
Keeping your mind active at home can be easier than you think! Try these brain exercises with a friend, family member, or even by yourself!
Learn some new words!

Learn some words from different languages with Josh.

Easter Facts and Trivia

Learn a little about Easter with Shanah.

Word Games

Try your hand at these word games with Shanah. Don’t forget to pause the video when you need to!