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COVID-19 Resources

Resources for Caregivers

Activity Packets for Families

The Raven

To accompany the video

Sing-a-long Packet 1

Lyrics for series 1-5

Sing-a-long Packet 2

Lyrics for series 6-10

Reading of Poems Sheet

The Tell-Tale Heart

For Kris’ reading of the short story.

Dan's Malta Packet

For Dan’s class on Malta

Dan's Italy Packet

For Dan’s class on Italy

Dan's St. Lucia Packet

For Dan’s class on St. Lucia

Tongue Twisters

For Kris’ activity on tongue twisters.

Lyric Analysis: That's Life

For Kris’ video

The Last Night of the World

For Kris’ short story and discussion.

Musical Lyric Quiz

A Reading of "If" by Rudyard Kipling

A Reading of selected poems by Shel Silverstein