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Health & Wellness

Staying Active at Home

At Rosener House we like to stay active by engaging in daily walks, yoga classes, exercise classes, and dancing. Here at Rosener House at Home, we will be bringing these wonderful activities in an adapted form to your own home.

Relaxation Techniques
Lu shows us some wonderful relaxation exercises. Gotta keep that body moving!
Bilingual Exercise

A bilingual exercise for the face, neck, and legs!

Lower Body Workout

Josh leads us on a workout for our legs!

Upper Body Workout

Josh leads us on a workout for our upper body!

Exercise for all parts of the body

Lu from Foothill College teaches a seated exercise class going over all parts of the body.


Lu teaches some helpful sitting yoga moves to keep us limber.

Neck Stretches

Don’t forget to work out and stretch your neck!

Arm Exercises

Some exercises to work out those arms!

Move with Deb

Get the blood flowing with an exercise from Deb.

Upper Body Workout

Josh guides us on an upper body workout!

Lower Body Workout

Josh guides us on a lower body workout.

Hand Exercises

Get those hands warmed up with these hand exercises with Josh.

Sit-down exercises

More exercises to do in your chair!

Get moving with Dzenana!

Get your daily exercise in.

Yoga at home!

Try some chair yoga with Emily.

Workout with Emily

Take a seat and let’s work up a sweat with Emily.


Try some breathing exercises with Emily.

Chair exercises

Work out with Dzenana!

Sitting Exercises

Take a seat and get ready to move!

Get Moving!

Follow Dzenana’s steps to get your blood flowing.