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Power Our Senses

Sensory Videos

Everything we do involves our senses! Although we can’t be together in person we can still create memories and enjoy experiences remotely. Try watching one of these videos to activate some of your five senses! Sensory activities can help promote  body awareness, helping us to think clearer and move better.

Backyard Tour

Josh takes us on a tour of his new backyard.

Vatican Museums

A little virtual tour of some of the rooms in the Vatican Museums. Includes views of the Sistine Chapel.

Tour of the Palace of Versailles pt. 1

Part 1 of our virtual tour of the Palace of Versailles. This video goes over some interesting facts about the palace as well as some of the artwork that is displayed.

Tour of the Palace of Versailles pt. 2

Part 2 of our virtual tour of the Palace of Versailles. This video explores some of the areas at the palace including: the opera house, the hall of mirrors, and the amazing garden.

Plants and Butterflies

Josh takes on a short tour of his plants and butterfly collection.


Deb take us on a tour of her succulent garden.

Let's go on a hike!

Kris takes us along on a hike along the coast in Pacifica.

Stroll around Rosener's Garden

Let’s take a walk through our back garden and into the park.

Biking in the Bay

Come along as Kris goes on a bike ride in the Bay.

Garden Harvest

Let’s see what Kris can pick from his garden.

Guided Musical Imagery

Close your eyes and listen closely in this guided musical imagery video.

Guided Musical Relaxation

Take a load off, close your eyes, and prepare to relax!

Springtime in April
“Where flowers bloom so does hope.” – Lady Bird Johnson

Spring is here, let’s celebrate! Enjoy this video about the second month of Spring, April! What signs of spring make you smile?
Kris' Garden Tour

A short little tour of Kristopher’s backyard garden.