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Rosener House at Home is to support our seniors and their families during these difficult times.

During “shelter in place” and throughout the Covid-19 pandemic, we found a way to come together virtually. We have many pre-recorded videos and activities from our time serving virtually that are available on this website.

There is a wide assortment of different video based activities to choose from including: virtual museum tours, virtual travel classes, music therapy, sing-a-longs, guided drumming, poetry/literature readings, cooking tutorials, guided exercises, brain games, as well as some lectures from our partners at Foothill College, Castilleja High School, and Virtual Companions.

We have since moved to in-person services so please check out our monthly activity calendar to see what we have going on this month!

Please call the office to set up a trial for our in-person program! 650-322-0126

We Care About Seniors at Home

We’ve been thinking about our special program participants as they “shelter in place”, missing their friends and activities. And our hearts go out to their families who are missing Rosener House too. We care about all of the seniors at home who would get a lift from our activities.

Go from being bored to getting active!

Now we can be together again! You can get to know our enthusiastic and creative activity leaders with classes to stimulate your mind, body and spirit. Contact us to set up a tour of the facility! 

Tell your friends about Rosener House

All of us at Rosener House hope you find these activities enjoyable. Please tell a friend about Rosener House. We welcome your feedback and ideas, just send us a message on the CONTACT US page. 

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